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Best Substratum Themes for Android [Free]

Best Substratum Themes for Android [Free]

 Here’s a collection of best substratum themes for you to download. If you have been looking for best free substratum themes and/or best paid substratum themes, then your search ends here!

Substratum Themes

When Android was originally introduced, there were not much customization options apart from installing launchers and changing wallpapers. As time went by, Android evolved. The Android ecosystem grew big in size and so did the amazing Android community.

While some OEMs provide an option to change themes on Android devices out of the box, most do not. That is exactly where Substratum comes in to play. It is a stand-alone application which you can download from the Google Play Store to theme your device.

What is a Substratum Theme?

When CyanogenMod was around, we had CM Theme Engine (based T-Mobile Theme Chooser) which was doing a pretty great job. But then again, to use CM Theme Engine, you had to flash a custom ROM. There was always a void left in the Android theming space. And Substratum did a very good job filling that void. Today, we are bringing you the best substratum themes for Android devices.

Before going ahead to download the Substartum Themes, you should have the latest Substratum app installed on your device:

Why There’s Need of Substratum?

I don’t think there will be someone who doesn’t want to give his/her Android phone a new look tries. We all love to customize our Android devices and I believe there is only one way of doing it and that is by “applying new themes”. Correct?

So to end your search here, we have enlisted here the best Substratum themes for Android devices. It’s the best combination of the best free Substratum themes and/or the best-paid Substratum themes.

Before starting our list of the best Substratum themes, we will need to install the latest version of the Substratum theme engine that is a prerequisite so that Substratum themes work flawlessly.

Download the latest version of the Substratum theme engine.

1. PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10

When it comes to compatibility, the foremost thing is the “Substratum theme engine must be installed to use this application”. Compatible for Android 7 and above, the theme won’t work on Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, and any other OEM based stock ROMs.

Though there is one Substratum theme called “PitchBlack S” that works fine for Samsung (Oreo and One Ui), it is available on Google Play Store.

Download PitchBlack – Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10, the best-paid Substratum theme for Android here.

2. [Substratum] Navigate Theme

With more than 4K reviews and 3.9 out of 5 stars, the Navigate theme is one of the best free Substratum themes for Android devices. The theme comes with a lot of options to use from and it will surely give you a unique experience on your device. As the name suggests, the Navigate theme, your navigation bar surely won’t look dull again.

With the last update in Sept. 2017, the theme works perfectly on OMS ROMs and Legacy ROMs, not on CMTE ROMs. In order to have more context about the compatibility and how to use the Navigate theme, visit the below link.

Download the Substratum Navigate theme and make daily customizations in your navigation bar.

3. Valerie Substratum Theme

If you like material themes with transparent UI then Valerie is the best Substratum them to try on the phone with Substratum engine. The theme itself is a collection of multiple overlays, accents, fonts, and more. It offers full control to choose each and every overlay, icons as user need. If you are using Android Oreo OS and want to experience Android 9 then Valerie is the Substratum theme that you should choose.

4. Flux – Substratum Theme

Phone usage by users is increasing day by day, so users will be increasingly bored with the device’s default themes. If you then enter that case, then there is no hesitation without refurbishing your phone yet? Come to the Flux – Substratum Theme application, an app that refreshes your phone and brings something fresher to your device. This app is what users need when they are bored with the old interface of the device.

Although many apps can change the theme of the device, changing the keyboard theme is very rare. But this app will help users do that without downloading another app. When users change the color of the theme, the color of the keyboard will also be changed according to the color of the device. In the past, users needed to download a specialized app to use this. But when this application is available, the user does not need to do that, because this app will help users do it. This is very convenient for many users and creates unity for the devices.

5.Liv Dark – Substratum Theme

Liv Dark – Substratum Theme – a special application that allows you to change the experience when using a smartphone completely. This is a handy personalization application, so do you want to use it?

You can also discover some unique wallpapers in this application. These wallpapers are designed specifically for dark themes, so its design is relatively simple but also quite subtle. Also, this app features Overlays. In this feature, there are many gradient options that you can explore. Therefore, if you want to experience the fun that this application brings, you should download it to your device to experience right now.

So are you interested in what the Liv Dark Substratum Theme can do?

So these are the best Substratum Themes that you can try on your Android Phone. The taste can differ according to users so you may not like some themes, this is why we decided to list 23 themes. I hope you have found this tutorial useful and informative.

How to Install Substratum Themes

If you want to apply substratum themes on your phone then first you have to learn how to install Substratum Themes. I am sharing this guide because it’s a complicated process and it is difficult to build overlays.

  1. First, install the Substratum Theme Engine from Play Store.
  2. Open Substratum Theme Engine and grant permissions.
  3. Select one Substratum theme and install it from Play Store.
  4. Again open Theme Engine and now select the theme you have installed.
  5. Select apps that you want to change their Overlays.How to Install Substratum Themes

  6. Tap on Overlay icon (bottom-right) and select Build and Enable.

  7. After compiling selected overlays restart your device.
  8. Now go to Substratum Theme Engine > Manager. And select the overlays to apply.
  9. Then Click on the overlay icon and tap Enable Selected.

So these are the best Substratum Themes that you can try on your Android Phone. The taste can differ according to users so you may not like some themes, this is why we decided to list 23 themes. I hope you have found this tutorial useful and informative.

If you’ve any query then you can leave it in the comment box. Also, share this article with your friends.