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How to Hide a Installed app in Android | MODDED GURU

How to Hide a Installed app in Android ?

 If there is an app in your phone that you want to hide and you are not getting the perfect solution of how to hide app in mobile phone or how to hide app anywhere , then you have come to the right place.

How to Hide a Installed app in Android | MODDED GURU
How to Hide a Installed app in Android | MODDED GURU

Today we will learn in this Article to any App hidden or App to Hide How to and with you then make any Game Hide today you App gonna hide Game 'll tell in detail also about.

Before we do so, we have to hide any App before we Basic question Hide to what would have come to know about and if you know Hide What happens if you Skip the questions below By doing this, you can read the section on how to hide the app in Direct Android Phone .

How to Hide a App ?

When we talk about hiding an app in mobile phone, I want to tell you in one thing that whenever you hide an app in the phone, only the icon of that app is hidden, so that app is not visible in your phone.

We have told you many ways in the methods given below, so that you will understand well how to hide apps in phone or how to hide any app .

1. Hide App in Mobile Phone Using Default Settings

In many mobiles, we give the option to hide the icon of the application from the home screen of our phone and if we want, you can hide that app from the screen of your phone using that feature.

You can hide your phone's app from others by using that feature so that no one can access that app.

  • First of all, you have to go to the App List in your phone, by clicking on the middle button in almost all the phones or by Swipe Up, you can go to the list of all the apps.
  • After that you will see the icon of the menu above, click on it and click on Settings
  • After that you click on Hide Apps
  • Now select all the apps you want to hide and then click on Done
  • Now those apps will be hidden from your phone.

If you want to unhide those apps, then by following the steps given above, untick the apps you have hidden and click on Done and all those apps will be unhide from your phone.

2.Hide App  Using Launcher App -

You will find many such apps on Play Store by using which you can hide apps in your mobile phone, but if you talk about which Launcher will be right, then according to me Apex Launcher is working properly for me.

If you do not like Apex Launcher, then you can also use Nova Launcher, ADW Launcher or Go Launcher, then let's know how to hide apps in mobile.

  • First you install Apex Launcher from Below Link
  • Now you open Apex Launcher
  • As soon as you open Apex Launcher, you will be asked whether you want to keep the Application Drawer as per your choice or click on Skip.
  • Now you will be asked to buy some features, if you want to buy premium features of Apex Launcher, then you can buy or you can click on Skip
  • Now your everything is set and you have to click on HOMESCREEN
  • You have to choose Apex Launcher and click on Always Pay, which will make Apex Launcher the Default Launcher of your phone.
  • Now you are completely ready to hide the App in Mobile Phone.
  • Now you will see three dots at the top, click on it and click on Apex Settings
  • After that you click on Hidden Apps
  • Now you will see the option of ADD HIDDEN APPS below, click on it
  • After that select all those apps which you want to hide or hide
  • When the apps you want to hide are selected, then click on Hide Apps.
  • Now your apps will be hidden and you will get a list of all the apps that you have hidden in Hidden Apps.

3.Hide App in Calculator Using Nova Launcher

If you want to change the icon and name of your phone's application in your phone, then you can change it very easily so that you can name any app as Calculator and not only that, you can also keep the Icon of that app as Calculator

  • First of all you have to install Nova Launcher App from Below Link in your phone.
  •  After that open you Nova Launcher
  • If you have set any other Launcher on your phone as default, then you clear it and set Nova Launcher as Default Launcher
  • After that you go to the App Drawer in your phone where there is a list of all the apps.
  • After that, click on the application you want to hide in the calculator.
  • You will see the option of Edit there, click on it
  • Now whatever name you want to keep that App as Calculator and you like the Icon of Calculator by clicking on Icon
  • Now you have to save it and the icon & name of your application will be changed.
  • On seeing that calculator will be visible but the app you have hidden inside it will be there.

If you want to see the hide app then go to settings > Applications > And Search you will get the application.


I hope you satisfied from the above post and learnt how to hide a app in android, If you face any issues feel free to comment below.